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Scandal Recap: “No More Blood”


Scandal “No More Blood”
Season 4, Episode 13
Aired February 19, 2015

Other possible names for this episode: “Everyone Is Done With Fitz’s Shit,” “Olivia Speaks Farsi, WTF?,” “Fitz Is A Failure and Disappointment to Everyone”

Olivia Pope speaks fluent and conversational Farsi, everyone. Is there anything the woman can’t do? Apparently not. This week’s episode opens with Olivia using her Olivia Pope-ness to save herself from being sold to the Iranians. Her manipulation of the situation is so subtle that no one on either side of the transaction even realizes what’s happening, but after a two-minute interaction, the deal is off. Olivia Pope gets things done.

Things aren’t going so well in our two “Save Olivia” Scandal factions, however.

Team Gladiator (Huck, Quinn, and Jake) is busy trying to outbid all the other terrorists on the DarkNet for Olivia, after the Iranian purchase was compromised, under the guise of Marie Wallace. Quinn is still freaked out by Huck’s “Olivia is chopped up and burnt to a crisp like Gettysburger that’s been left in the oven too long” speech. Huck, or “Liv’s puppy,” as Quinn says, is going off the deep end without his owner. Jake seems to be the only person who’s managing to keep it together. After sharing an awkward embrace with Quinn, he attempts to have a heart-to-heart with Huck, which ends with everyone realizing that Jake is, in fact, a psycho. He talks about the feel of “warm blood on your hands” and the “music of screams” and “licking tears” which he attempts to normalize by saying he keeps it all inside and never lets it out. Spoken like a true psychopath, Jake. Afterwards, Quinn makes Huck promise to never kill anyone. Yeah, okay, and Fitz is going to stop being a bad president.

(Also, Jake tracks down Rowan Pope who’s kicking it at a lake house in Canada, but it’s a useless bit of interaction, as the only things we learn are that Rowan really likes fishing and that Olivia is dead to him. So much for going all the way to Canada to be subjected to a five-minute monologue about how fish are better than people.)

Over on Team White House (Fitz, Cyrus, and the CIA), things are getting heated. Fitz tells a shocked and speechless CIA that he wants to go through with the risky Olivia extraction plan that only has a predicted 30% success rate. Cyrus, being Cyrus, is just sitting there fuming away. (Side note: When is Cyrus ever not fuming when it comes to Fitz?). Cyrus unleashes his wrath by way of a fantasy where he scrunches up his face and calls Fitz a “moron” and a “child,” and yells things like: “I made you a LEAD –UURRR” and “no, No, NO I quit, I QUIT!” In reality, Cyrus says none of these things, but instead decides to buddy up with the CIA, behind Fitz’s back, to try and “neutralize the asset” – or in layman’s terms, have Olivia Pope killed if she’s sold to another terrorist group.

While all of this is happening, Olivia is sitting on a couch, looking sophisticated and angry with perfect hair, immaculate clothes, and throwing killer shade, as the two computer nerds working the online auction say things like “THE ROOF IS ON FIYA” and “I love America!” as the bidding reaches the billions. Olivia tries to sway her captors into letting a tie between Marie Wallace (Team Gladiator) and a Russian terrorist organization sway in favor of Marie, but fails miserably. She tries to escape, but fails miserably. Maybe there are a few things Olivia Pope can’t do after all.

Meanwhile, Abby, left out of the loop and ostracized from both Team Gladiator and Team White House, noses her way into both “Save Olivia” factions. She uncovers Cyrus’s evil plans but is kept from informing the President by evil Cyrus himself, who threatens to throw her in jail if she speaks a word to Fitz. Ever the go-getter, Abby then shows up at Gladiator Headquarters where she learns that the Russians have outbid Team Gladiator. Hmmm Russia, she thinks, I know how to save Olivia! And with that, Abby singlehandedly sets in motion a plot to rescue Olivia.

While all of this serious business is going down, Mellie is on a mission to take down Andrew, the slimy veep who is going to walk away scot-free from his charges of treason. With aspiration of becoming president one day, Mellie can’t risk Andrew going public with all their dirty sex secrets, so she enlists the help of Elizabeth, who was also burned by Andrew. Elizabeth, in turn, enlists Huck to help her with “doing whatever needs to be done.” So Huck does what Huck does and wraps Andrew up in Saran Wrap mermaid style while injecting a substance into his neck. No more blood, though, because Quinn said so. Andrew is taken to the hospital where he shows signs of having had a stroke. (Good restraint there, Huck. However, I kind of would’ve liked you to lick his tears or whatever. ) Mellie whispers something vindictive in Andrew’s ear like “you got what you deserved.”

The kidnapping plot finally reaches its conclusion in a nail biter that has the CIA director and Cyrus battling it out. As they watch the transaction between Olivia’s captors and the “Russians” via video feed, orders of “shoot” and Cyrus’s screams of “NO, DON’T SHOOT. I know that man!” cause panic and confusion that is only resolved when we see who the buyer actually is. Drumroll please…STEPHEN FINCH. The Stephen Finch from Season One who never really had a place in the plot but was still loved by audience members. That Stephen Finch. Bombshell, right? It turns out that Abby called Stephen, who was working in St. Petersburg at the time, and gave him the details. Team Abby saves the day.

Unfortunately, Stephen tells Olivia that he won’t be returning to Team Gladiator, but he still shares a tender moment with her where they both effectively say that they saved each other. This is the kind of Stephen resolution I needed back when he just up and left in Season One.

The episode ends with a passionate exchange between Olivia and Fitz, but not in the way we were all hoping for. Fitz shows up at her newly security enhanced apartment and more than likely expects Olivia to be hot and heavy for him. Olivia, however, couldn’t be more tired of his bullshit. While Fitz might be able to live with the fact that he, in effect, killed several innocent lives to save Olivia, Olivia cannot come to terms with it. She basically chastises him for being a childish president and a disappointment. She sacrificed everything to get him elected, and he has never lived up to the expectations and ideal visions that she (and everyone else) had for him. Fitz, ever needing to feel justified in his manliness, genuinely believes that he saved Olivia.

Olivia’s last line to Fitz, however, turns that notion on its head: “You didn’t save me. I’m on my own!”


She is so done, and Fitz is forced to walk out like an injured puppy.

Side notes:

  • Cyrus tells Abby that Olivia is his baby’s godmother. Hands up if you forgot Ella even existed. Hands up if you thought Cyrus forgot Ella existed. (I wrote in my notes for this episode: “Cyrus has a baby? Oh yeah hahaha”).
  • How did Abby know Stephen worked in St. Petersburg? Remember when Abby had that schoolgirl crush on Stephen. She still Facebook stalks him, that’s how.
  • I really wish Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Stephen, would come back to the show. Without Harrison, there’s definitely something missing that Stephen could fill. Not to mention the whole Abby, Stephen, David dynamic that could be explored, am I right?
  • Okay, how long is this whole Olivia/Fitz breakup really going to last? They’ll stay apart for a while, Fitz will keep pining after Olivia, Olivia will try to move on with Jake, Fitz and Jake will go to war again, Fitz will keep calling Olivia, one day Olivia will pick up, they’ll shout at each other, they’ll talk about Vermont, they’ll share longing glances with each other at the White House, and the cycle will continue.
  • Olivia rescues herself from the Iranians, Mellie and Elizabeth take down Andrew, and Abby successfully saves Olivia. Girl power, ya’ll.

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